Weight Loss Camps can Help If You are Addicted to Food!

One of the best ways to cure addiction to food is to join a weight loss camp! According to Kathleen Sebelius, the secretary of health, obesity is considered to be “an addiction like smoking.”  Food and drug addictions have much in common, especially in the way that both addictions disrupt the parts within the brain that are involved with pleasure and self-control.  Weight loss camps help overweight and obese kids, teens, and even young adults learn the values of healthy foods verses junk food.


Studies have shown that sugar-binging rats show signs of addictive withdrawals when they didn’t have their sugar.  Their teeth chattered, tremoring forepaws, and the shakes.  Two weeks had passed before they could have sugar again, they had pressed to food lever so uncontrollably that they had consumed 23% more than they used to.


Scientists at the Oregon Research Institute organized brain-scan studies on children who looked at photos of chocolate shakes and last those children had consumed shakes.  The results suggest that people who are addicted to something need increasingly larger doses over time.  For example, children who eat ice cream on a regular basic might need more and more ice cream to satisfy themselves.


Assistant professor at the University of Maryland and author of “The Hunger Fix,” Dr. Pamela Peeke, stated that mediation and exercise can engage the brain to overcome food addiction.  Weight loss camp give people chance to exercise to get over the food addiction. People who are addicted to food should look for healthier alternatives.  Weight loss camps provide snacks, but they provide healthy snacks in replacement of the sugary snacks most people go for.


Food addictions are associated to the types of food we tend to eat.  Director of Yale’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, Dr. Kelly D. Brown, said that the human body is biologically adapted to deal with foods that are found in nature, not foods that are processed.  “With these foods, personal will and good judgment get overridden.  People want these foods, dream about these foods, crave them.”


Weight loss camps offer nutrition and cooking classes to educate their campers about the true differences between the food they are eating and the foods they should eat.  They can help decrease the temptation of eating junk food.



Source information: Craving an Ice-Cream Fix




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