Life-Changing Weight Loss Programs for Kids

Camp Shane
A summer camp to lose weight, but here weight loss is only one of awesome programs. Camp Shane don’t make being overweight a bigger problem than it is. Camp Shane is a lot of fun and very friendly. Camp Shane is a weight loss camp for girls and boys, teens and young adult women where you feel comfortable, welcome and good about yourself! We know exactly what you’re going through.

Shane Diet Resorts
Offers weight loss assistance in luxury. Get healthy and active again at Shane Diet and Fitness Resorts, Weight Loss Camps and Spas in New York and Texas. Struggling to lose weight should not be a way of life. Shane Diet & Fitness Resorts can help you choose a different way.

Shane Corporate Wellness For Executives and HR Leaders
Shane’s Executive & HR Wellness Program provides 3 day, 7 day, 21 day and customized weight loss and fitness programs at the spectacular Westin La Cantera Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Texas. With Shane you will quickly lose weight, get stronger and lead to succeed. The core of change in corporate wellness starts with YOU!

Weight Loss Camps for Kids and Teens in New York
It’s the longest running, most experienced and most innovative weight loss camp in the world with amazing weight loss results that have been proven and documented for 45 years. Diet menus at camp are designed by registered dietitian and celebrity chef Diane Henderiks. At Camp Shane New York kids and teens have achieved great results over the years.

Weight Loss Camps for Kids and Teens in Arizona
It’s a weight loss camp that really works. The location is surrounded by the peaceful, natural beauty of the high desert landscape. An elevation of 4000 feet making the climate ideal without the intense heat of southern Arizona. A camp with superb horseback program with over 50 horses, top-notch wranglers and 25,000 acres for horseback riding. You Won’t Believe How Great You’ll Look. Even Your Friends Won’t Recognize You!

Weight Loss Camps for Kids and Teens in Georgia
Here you’ll lose a lot and gain so much. The camp is located at stunningly beautiful facility of Rabun Gap School, Dillon GA which is situated on 1200 attractive acres of open fields, landscaping and forest. Kids and teens here enhance their confidence, self esteem and fitness in an upbeat, positive, supportive and happy environment.

Weight Loss Camps for Kids and Teens in California
Experts on weight loss, fitness and nutrition. The camps is located at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks with professional grade, sport facilities for tennis, softball, soccer, track, volleyball, etc. The climate here is near perfect; cool in the morning and comfortable in the afternoon. It’s a weight loss program that kids and parent really love.

Hilton Head Health

Camp Friends 4 Ever

Camp Pennbrook

Camp Kingsmont/

Wellspring Camps

Camp Endeavor

Lifestyle Fitness Camp

Biggest Loser Resort

Camp Jump Start

Balance Me

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