How To Curb Those Cravings

Curving cravings can be a challenge especially for teens looking to lose weight, but rewarding since the results can lead to teen weight loss. The best way to fight those annoying, mouthwatering desires is to prevent them. One way to help prevent those guilty pleasures from creeping in to your thoughts is making sure to eat breakfast. The first rule taught at any teen weight loss program is not to skip a meal especially breakfast. If you skip breakfast you’re more likely to have cravings throughout the day because your body has low glucose levels for an extended period of time. Help prevent weight gain and start your day off with an egg or egg whites. Eggs are a great source of protein and will help to keep you full through the morning hours.

The next step to teen weight loss is to make healthy food choices to prevent your junk food cravings that can lead to obesity. The junk food cravings happen because your body gets used to certain treatment. So to begin the teen weight loss journey start feeding yourself all lean meats, fruits, veggies, and whole grains, the more you eat the healthy foods the more you will crave these items. Not to say the cravings for junk food will completely stop, BUT once you give into a guilty pleasure you will not feel as well. If your body is not used to eating junk and you indulge in foods high in fat or sugar, you will feel like junk.

Controlling stress will also help you control your cravings. When you’re in a stressful state, your body releases hormones that actually stimulate your appetite. Try to surround yourself with things that bring you happiness and stay away from negative stressful situations. Sounds like a no brainer, but being conscious of your stress state will enable you to control it.

Lastly, limit watching television. There are multiple reasons why limiting television is beneficial, but this will also help to limit stimulating your cravings. If you notice every other commercial is advertising a delicious food that makes your mouth water. These advertisements work!! Teen obesity is on the rise because to much time is spent in front of the television. Use TiVo to fast forward through the commercials. Watch a movie instead of television show. Avoid the advertisements!!

All of these helpful tips will help to prevent those cravings from occurring and keep the weight gain at bay. Stay away from the cravings and you will lose weight, feel healthy and feed your soul not the body. As a teen it is much easier to grab the quick junk food item and it is always easily available. So for teen weight loss to be effective use self control and make the extra effort to reach for the apple instead of the cookie.