Fat Camps Only Speed Up Kid’s Metabolism for a Short Period

Metabolism is the system that burns energy to sustain life.  The more exercise and work your body does the more energy it uses when slowing down.  Fat camps serve less food and increase activities, which will speed up your metabolism but only for the time attended at the camp.

There are a variety of ways to increase your metabolism.  The most important way to increase your metabolism is to live an active lifestyle.  Aerobic exercise three times a week for at least 40 minutes is important for speeding up your metabolism.  Strength training such as weight training and rock climbing will also increase your metabolism if done three times a week, but fat camps only seek weight loss.

Eating breakfast everyday is essential to speeding up your metabolism, but fat camps do not offer classes to teach the importance of breakfast.  If this is prolonged then your metabolism will slow down and you may start losing momentum when you’re in the gym or just throughout your day in general.

When you are eating healthier with proper portions be sure to eat enough calories to meet your body’s needs.  For successful weight loss keep eating by proper portions and eat healthier options as much as possible.  Fat camps offer small calorie limited meals leaving camper hungry throughout the day.

Fat camps may help an overweight or obese individual lose weight, but that weight will only be off for a certain amount of time.  No classes are provided to teach campers how to make healthier decisions for when they leave camp.  Campers are also encouraged to return to fat camps year after year because they tend to regain their weight and more because of the lack of education about healthy eating.