Fat Camps Can Not Prevent Future Weight Gain

During the holidays we tend to eat a little more and possibly gain a little more. People should learn how to control their eating habits especially during holidays, but fat camps do not offer that education.
Friends and family will pass baked goods to you and it’s hard to say no. Even just simply looking for healthier recipes that cut down fat and sugar.
Although holidays should be enjoyable they tend to be stressful with the gifts, parties, and family gatherings in so little time, so try to control your stress. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan something, think ahead.
Holiday parties tend to have lots of junk food and rarely any healthy options.
Bringing a healthy dish would not be a bad idea. Never show up to a party on an empty stomach because that’s the easiest way to overeat, so eat something light before you go.
Prepare meals with the healthiest alternatives. Don’t serve the food where the family eats; keep the food in a separate area from where you eat. Serve everyone the same proper portions each mealtime.

Fat camps don’t offer these types of tips to their campers to encourage continuous weight loss. Campers can leave help happy with the results, but they won’t be happy when they return the next summer because they did not get the supporting guidance they need to maintain a healthier weight. With proper education you can learn to enjoy yourself better.