Diet Camps and Young Age Obesity: Teaching Your Kids To Be Healthy

It’s no secret that kids don’t always listen to what their parents say or take their advice to heart, but with childhood obesity quickly on the rise in this country, now is the time to help your child lose weight. Your child may not listen to the advice you give, but in the right environment, they may be successful in becoming healthy.

Diet camps are designed to provide an environment where obese children can learn how to manage weight loss in a healthy way, while feeling safe and positive in a summer camp setting. The camps run like typical summer camps, with social events, field trips and various classes, but they also include nutritional counseling and education. While the main focus is initially to lose weight, the kids also have a wonderful opportunity to make friends.

At diet camp, kids have tons of opportunities for fun to offset all of the hard work they do losing weight. Some campers fall in love with a new sport or hobby that they used to take part in before they gained weight, while others learn a new skill that they’ve always wanted to master. As all of this fun is going on, kids are also given the skills they need to lose weight and keep it off successfully. As the weight comes off shy, overweight kids become more sure of themselves and are more willing to participate in fun activities.

Once an overweight child has completed a diet camp session (typically lasting 4-8 weeks), they will return home with everything they need to stay active and be able to remain at their new weight in a healthy fashion. The confidence that they develop will help them start off the next school year with a positive outlook and a healthy attitude toward the future, making the investment in camp well worth the cost and time spent away from home.

To keep your child on the right track, be sure to provide them with all of the tools that they need to stay healthy. The whole family should follow healthy eating habits to maintain weight loss and should take part in regular physical activity in order to stay healthy.