Fighting Childhood Obesity – One Step at a Time


Try to Focus on Health, Not Appearance

A recent study suggests that there is both a right way and a wrong way to persuade your children to eat healthy and help prevent obesity. Instead of talking about needed weight loss or how food connects with fatness, parents … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Motivated to be Active!

For some time, exercise scientist had believed that motivation to exercise or not must have a genetic component.  Researchers have compared the physical activity patterns among family members, and especially with twins. They have found that close relations tend to … Continue reading

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Kids Obesity

Dealing With Responses Like”I’m Bored” – A Great Opportunity to Help Your Overweight Child Let’s face it: We are a nation of Couch Potatoes and our “Small Fries” are learning from us how to sit in front of the TV … Continue reading

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Obesity’s Emotional Effect

Teenagers should never be comfortable being overweight. Any excuses given are generally to deflect attention away from the weight, playing the “blame game” especially if they can claim it’s due to genetics. However, most teenagers don’t really believe this excuse. … Continue reading

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Kids & Fast Weight Loss Diets: A Bad Combination

We live in an instant gratification society where everything we want is as close as a click on computer’s keyboard or a drive to the mall. So it is to be expected that we’d like to believe that a problem … Continue reading

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Keep Kids Healthy and Prevent Childhood Obesity

Exercise Guidelines for Children In order to stay healthy and maintain a healthy weight, exercise is essential for everyone. There are so many health benefits to staying physically active, outside of weight loss and maintenance, which research has suggested that … Continue reading

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